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History of the Mississippi Poultry Industry

As part of the 75th Anniversary celebration two years ago, the MPA Board of Directors approved a video to tell the poultry industry’s history, growth and economic impact to audiences across the state.  The Board wanted to focus on how the poultry industry has helped grow the state’s economy by helping to pump income into the rural areas across the state, family farms that have been built and passed down across generations and the people who have been fed worldwide by what the Mississippi poultry industry produces.

The Board commissioned Mississippi State University’s Office of Agricultural Communications to produce a 14 minute video that the MPA staff can take on the road to civic clubs and other venues to show how this quiet industry grew into the economic powerhouse that it is today.  The video outlines the evolution of the industry and MPA over the course of time, the role of export markets and the educational support of the industry.  The video was sponsored by the MPA Allied Industry.
If you are part of an organization where you think this video would be appropriate, please contact us at (601) 932-7560.

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