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Have a question about the poultry or egg industry? You can ask it here!

Q: How does Mississippi rank in the US among poultry producing states?
A: Mississippi is # 5 in the USA.

Q: How do I get a grower's coupon for the International Poultry Expo?
A: There are several different ways. Check our website in between now and January, we will have them posted soon.

Q: How much of an economic effect does the poultry industry have on the state of Mississippi?
A: Mississippi's poultry industry contributed $2.4 Billion to the economy in 2011. The industry creates approximately 55,000 jobs in the state. You can also visit the Media section of our website and look at the Industry Facts tab.

Q: How many poultry farms are there in Mississippi? In Jasper County? Jones County? Forrest County?
A: There are over 1,700 poultry farms in Mississippi. There are approximately 69 poultry farms in Jasper County, 156 in Jones County, and 15 in Forrest County.

Q: How does one buy tickets for the MPA Convention? Also, where do you find a schedule of events?
A: For more information on the annual MPA Convention please contact Becky Beard at (601) 932-7560.

Q: I live on the MS Gulf Coast. Are there any turkey farms in MS?
A: There are no commercial turkey farms in Mississippi. There are over 1,700 commercial chicken farms in the state.

Q: Where can I get poultry that is fresh,and has not been preserved and has not been injected with steriods?
A: You can find fresh Mississippi poultry products at your local grocery store. Look for the tray pak fresh chicken in the meat section. There is a common misconception about preservatives and steroids in commercial poultry production. Please visit the Media section of our website and click on the Videos tab. Watch the video "Poultry & the Hormone Myth".

Q: How can I go about putting some ads about our company in the news bulletin and the radio?
A: Please contact Bill Rosenblatt or Becky Beard at MPA. The office phone number is (601) 932-7560.

Q: I'm looking into building chicken houses. Where can I go for information for beginners and also, how many do I need to build to make a good enough profit?
A: You would need to talk to the poultry company you want to grow for in order to get that information.

Q: I was just looking at MFB Farm Families of MS Ad campaign and wondered why the MS Poultry Assoc was not listed as one of the sponsers? As a grower, I would like to know that my association is involved with this project.
A: The Mississippi Poultry Association does in fact sponsor the Farm Families of Mississippi as a Gold Benefactor sponsor. Sanderson Farms and Tyson Foods also contribute to the cause.